Youth and Junior Registration Guide

Easy Step by Step Registration Guide

Zuluru is our website's membership registration system and database. To be able to register for any league an account must be created with Zuluru. There are two ways you can go about registering your child, depending if you have played in the league as a player or not:

1) Parents/Guardians who are new to OCUA 
2) Parents/Guardians who already have an OCUA account

Here is a step by step guide for Parents and Guardians new to OCUA on how to register your child into one of our awesome leagues! Follow these steps:

Step 1: Create a Parent Account: On the left hand side of our homepage below our Quicklinks tab click  "Create NEW Account

Step 2: You will be asked for your 'Account Type'. Uncheck 'Player' and select 'Parent/Guardian

Step 3: Enter in all your information, add in the second Parent/Guardian if you wish

Step 4: You will now add your Child's Profile. Once completed click 'Submit and Save Your Information' and/or if you have a second child who you wish to register, click 'Save Your Information and Add Another Child'

Step 5: Your account is now created and you are logged in! Register for 'Events' (leagues) by clicking on 'My Games' and follow the prompts

Here is a step by step guide for Parents and Guardians who have OCUA accounts

Step 1: Login to your existing account as you will edit your profile (no need to create a new one!)

Step 2: Scroll over'My Profile' and select 'Edit'

Step 3: Scroll down to 'Account Type' and you will notice you are listed as a 'Player'. Below 'Player' you can check off 'Parent/Guardian' then scroll down and click SUBMIT.

Step 4: Once your status has also added 'Parent/Guardian' you can now add your child/children. Scroll over 'Profile' and click 'Add New Child'

Step 5: Add in your child's information and then you can 'act as' your child and begin registering for leagues and events for your child! 

Other Useful Information:

  • Once logged in you will remain logged in until you log yourself out. It is recommended you save your username and password, if you are on your own personal computer incase you forget your login info in the future. 
  • If you begin browsing the site and want to get back to your account and profile always click 'My Games' on the lefthand side to be brought back to your account
  • On your account you can link other relatives, view leagues, field locations and lots of other cool stuff so browse around!
  • A new child signing up? You add in a new child anytime as long as you have a Parent/Guardian account type! Just go to your Profile and choose 'Add New Child' from the menu

If you have any questions regarding registration for Youth and Junior Leagues please contact OCUA at